Video Practice

A Sacred Place is a video assemblage that explores Indigiqueer identity, the colonial gaze, and my relationship to land, water, space, and place.

In Activate NDN Consciousness combines found footage of harmful portrayals of Indigenous peoples in contrast with images of contemporary Indigenous protest and rebellion, creating a work that captures the truth of a traumatic history as well as the desire and strength of Indigenous survival and resistance.

A Pursuit of Unrelinquished Joy: In this time-lapse video piece, Natalie King spends time in their Tkaronto studio creating works for upcoming projects. The paintings in this work are to address time/space/joy/absence and presence; a proactive measure to take up space and to be seen with respect andAnishinaabe pride. King believes the act of painting/creating is an act of radical resistance and joy, this work is about time and it’s limitless potential for joy and creation. Time is often used as a means of control in a world where our time is not valuedunless it is to maintain capital. Labour is an often unnoticed and unrecognized aspect of being a working artist. In this piece, King shares with the audience the process of creating these works, within all the fun, demands, work, and joys. 

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